Planned Non-Operation or PNO can done here instantly at Wyatt Vehicle Registration Service.  What PNO means is that
the owner of the vehicle is not planning to drive the vehicle or park the vehicle on public roads, street, highways and freeways for the entire registration year. This planned non operation of the vehicle must be done prior to the vehicle registration expiration date. It is advisable to get the non operation car registration renewed every year before the expiration date otherwise late fees and penalties will apply. If you think that you will need the use of the vehicle within
the registration year then doing a PNO may not be for you. Talk to Wyatt Vehicle Registration Service regarding your specific situation about insuring your planned non operation vehicle so if something does happen, you’ll know if your covered or not. The law states that you should have at least third party motor insurance if you drive and own a vehicle.
You should also have insurance if you leave the PNO vehicle in your driveway or your garage. There are situations when
it’s legal to have your vehicle uninsured, there may be risk and you should consult your insurance agent. DMV does not require you to smog your registered planned non operation vehicle when the vehicle is being sold. If you intend to keep
the planned non operation vehicle while it is in PNO then you will need to park it on private property. If your vehicle is found parked on a public road, street, highway or freeway as a PNO, the vehicle will receive an expired/no registration citation or could even be towed. It is legal to sell a PNO vehicle. The PNO vehicle cannot be test driven on public roads, streets, highways or freeways. The PNO vehicle will need to be registered, insured, smogged and remember to get
​a FREE online insurance quote from Wyatt Insurance Agency.
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